insights publishing

Insights publishing

Sharing knowledge

Brainclinics Insights is the publishing division of our foundation. Its mission is to make the knowledge, expertise and especially ‘Insights’ gained through our research, widely available through books, PhD theses and interactive media.

To serve the goal of the Brainclinics Foundation, all proceeds are fully invested into Research Institute Brainclinics and Brainclinics Insights, which creates an unprecedented synergy between these divisions and makes it possible to perform research and share new future insights into applied neuroscience as well.

At the Brainclinics Foundation, it is all about the research and its application!


The most important pillar of our philosophy and mission is independence. Our non-profit foundation status ensures it is all about knowledge creation and content and our independence from companies and universities,, but collaboration with companies and universitites ensures we conduct research independently and free of bias,  but is focused on clinical relevance, or as stated in our misison: Applied Neuroscience from the clinic, to the clinic!

Our publications


Our books are available from the Apple bookstore. The iBook format is text-searchable, easy on the eyes and ideally suited for reading on mobile devices. We are currently working on a media-rich, fully interactive publication, which we expect to publish in the second half of 2020. Please visit this page to look at our current offerings.

Printed editions

Some of our publications can be ordered as hard copies. These are beautifully crafted hard-cover books, printed in an environmentally friendly technique and made to last more than a lifetime. Order your copy from this page while stocks last. On that same page you will also find a recommended selection of publications by others.

Theses by Brainclinics researchers

As a special service to our readers and scholars we’ve made doctoral theses by Brainclinics researchers and alumni available as freely downloadable pdf’s. Look for the “Free Download” logo on this page

Publications in scientific journals

We believe knowledge is to be heard, not hoarded. Via this page you can find, read and download hundreds of articles by our researchers. You’re welcome.