Finding a new balance

Decoding Complexity

A data-driven approach to unraveling transdiagnostic markers in psychiatry.

by Hannah Meijs

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number of pages: 182

ISBN: 9789083001340

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About this book

This thesis aimed to identify transdiagnostic markers from electroencephalography (EEG) data, for predicting treatment response in MDD and ADHD. Hereby, we leveraged large and heterogeneous datasets to capture a broad range of EEG features. Utilizing a data-driven data-reduction method at source level activity, various independent EEG-derived functional brain networks were extracted. Polygenic association analysis was employed to select biologically feasible networks, potentially predictive of treatment outcomes. The results of the proof-of-concept study and follow-up study revealed respectively a slow wave network and posterior alpha network related to age, with sex-specific and medication-specific treatment predictive capabilities for MDD, demonstrating the stratification potential of this innovative approach.

About the author

Dr Hannah Meijs

Hannah Meijs did her PhD at Brainclinics Foundation in collaboration with Maastricht University.