Personalized Medicine in ADHD and Depression

Personalized medicine in ADHD and depression

A quest for EEG treatment predictions

by Martijn Arns

personalized medicine in ADHD and depression

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number of pages: 284

ISBN: 978946191098

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About this book

The primary aim of this thesis was to investigate what the value of neurophysiological techniques such as EEG and ERPs is in predicting treatment outcome in ADHD and depression. This thesis presented promising findings for these techniques and the application of these techniques to personalize treatments in ADHD and depression, thus improving treatment efficacy. The treatment modalities investigated in this thesis were stimulant medication, antidepressants, neurofeedback in ADHD and rTMS for depression. The results suggest there are several predictors predicting someone will not respond to treatment, so called predictors for non-response. Some of these appear to be generic predictors for non-response within a disorder such as antidepressant treatments (for both antidepressants and rTMS in Depression). On the other hand an endophenotype was found which predicts non-response to most current treatments in both ADHD and depression.

About the author

Martijn Arns

Dr. Martijn Arns, Brainclinics Foundation, Nijmegen and Department of Experimental Psychology, Utrecht University, The Netherlands.

Dr. Arns is specialized in applied neuroscience and personalized medicine and is one of the most published researchers in the field of neurofeedback. He is founding director of Research Institute Brainclinics since 2001, Scientific Adviser to neuroCare Group (a Brainclinics spin-off) and has been affiliated with Utrecht University, Department of Experimental Psychology since 2009.