Step 1

Step 1

Prior to QEEG and neuropsychological assessment it is important that you fill out the Internet questionnaire of the Brain Resource Company.

Below you can find the button to the Internet questionnaire. You will be directed to a secure external website. The instruction is self-explanatory. If necessary, please follow the steps for the registration process below.
go to: questionnaire


NOTE: Immediately after the registration procedure the questionnaire will start. Here you can enter your answers and continue by clicking the “next” button. Ensure this questionnaire is completed before the assessment will take place.
NB. please contact us if you fail to finish the questionnaire.

Manual Internet questionnaire for the QEEG and neuropsychological assessment

Below you can find a guide for using the Internet questionnaire. Please read these instructions carefully before using the questionnaire that can be found when pushing the button on this page.

  1. In the confirmation letter that you received you can find an 8-digit ID code. This code is needed for the questionnaire. If you have not received the code, please contact your practicioner.
  2. Click the button at the top of this page to the registration page to complete the Internet survey trap
  3. Register yourself as a new client by clicking “Register”.
  4. Fill out your ID code (8-digit ID code as mentioned in point 1)
    Fill out a password (min. 6 characters and max. 10 characters)
  5. If you see the screen like below, select all “agree” boxes and click next

NOTE: From this point the entire questionnaire will start and you can answer all questions and continue by pressing NEXT. Ensure this questionnaire is completed before the assessment will take place.

If you have any questions about this questionnaire please contact the the location you registered for.

QEEG assessment
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