Nicole van Merode

Helping researchers focus on their research

Nicole van Merode, MSc

Operations Manager, with Brainclinics since January 2008

Where did you study?
I graduated in Administrative Information Science at the University of Tilburg in 1997. From that time I worked in the IT sector as a project manager and business consultant.

So, you’re a project manager and business consultant?
Hahaha, no! Well kind of, after 10 years I was ready for something new where people would be much more central and I ended up at the Brainclinics Research Institute.

What do you do?
I have been working at Brainclinics in Nijmegen since January 2008 as Operations Manager. In practice I guide the background issues in the right direction so that our researchers can focus as much as possible on their field.

I’d say you’ve got your hands full, there are a lot of distractions in these times.
Sure, it keeps me busy! I also perform some background tasks for the neuroCare Group by the way.

Never a dull moment?
(Phone rings) Sorry I need to take this.