Martijn Arns

Understanding the brain

Dr. Martijn Arns

Researcher Director and Founder of Research Institute Brainclinics in 2001
Registered European Psychologist (EuroPsy)
Neurofeedback psychologist NIP & PSYCHOLOOG NIP

Associate Professor: Faculty of Psychology & Neuroscience
Maastricht University

Where did you study?
I graduated in the late 90’s as a biological psychologist at Radboud University in Nijmegen. During and after this I conducted several projects in the field of applied neuroscience in Sydney (Westmead Hospital), Munich (Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry) and Scotland (Organon Research in Newhouse). I received my PhD at Utrecht University on the topic of ‘EEG-based personalized medicine for ADHD and depression’ and I am specialized in neurobiological aspects of ADHD and depression, biomarkers and neuromodulation techniques.

What do you do?
In 2001 I founded Research Institute Brainclinics (now part of the Brainclinics Foundation) as an independent research institute, where I further specialize in advancing the understanding of psychiatric disorders through brain imaging (QEEG, ERPs), chronobiology and sleep, Research Domain Criteria (RDoC), which knowledge should aid in a future of personalised medicine or precision psychiatry. I am further specialized in the development and application of neuromodulation techniques such as transcranial magnetic brain stimulation (rTMS) in the treatment of depression and OCD and neurofeedback in the treatment of ADHD. At Brainclinics Insights, the publishing division of the foundation, we work on knowledge dissemination through innovative and interactive educational materials

At Research Institute Brainclinics I supervise a team of senior researchers and PhD’s, published together with whom we published more than 150 scientific publications and 4 patents. In addition, Brainclinics Foundation researchers and PhD’s are affiliated with University of Maastricht (Dept. of Psychology & Neuroscience; Section Brain Stimulation and Cognition), where I also hold an associate professorship.

In 2006 I founded Brainclinics Treatment as a Brainclinics spin-off where new innovative treatments (rTMS, Neurofeedback) and assessments (sleep, QEEG) were pioneered and validated. This clinic was acquired by the neuroCare Group in 2015 where I still serve as a scientific adviser. In addition, I was also founding director of Brainquiry (until 2007), editor of various scientific journals and books, organized many international conferences and served on the board of several international professional organisations.