MagStim Rapid2 rTMS stimulator with AirFilm coil

The Magstim Rapid ² is a repetitive stimulator with high frequency capabilities and can also be used for single-pulse protocols. This equipment is suitable for therapeutic purposes and for research purposes, and is currently the most commonly used equipment in research. You can download a product brochure of the Magstim Rapid2 here.

Product specsMagstim Rapid

(single PSU)

Magstim Rapid2

(dual PSU)

Pulse modusBi-phasic, repetitiveBi-phasic, repetitive
Stimulation intensity  100%15Hz41Hz
Stimulation intensity 50%30Hz97Hz
Max. repetitive rate50Hz100Hz
Min. interstimulus intervalN/AN/A
Pulse width320us320us
Coil compatibilityMagstim coilsMagstim coils
Main voltage1,67kv1,67kv
SynchronisationTTL in/outTTL in/out

More information?

If you have further questions, you want more information or a quotation for equipment, please contact us. We also provide training for the use of rTMS. In our course calendar you can find when it takes place.