Make treatments better


Lauren Zwienenberg

Works on PhD at Research Institute Brainclinics, since December 2019

Where did you study and did you graduate?
I focused on the practical and clinical side of clinical neuropsychology at the University of Groningen and graduated in August 2019.

And then.. what did you do?
Well, I started a research internship at the UMCG where I found out I really enjoy doing research and learning new topics, techniques and contributing to the current knowledge to improve (psychological) treatments. After this internship I started my master thesis on strategies used in EEG neurofeedback and that’s how I got in touch with neuroimaging techniques.

Wow. So you really like what you do?
Ha. Like is an understatement. At the UMCG I found out this was what I wanted to do: make treatments better/more efficient by looking at the biological basis of the brain, and this is exactly what I did after graduating. I started working with TMS and continued working with EEG.

And now?
I started as a Junior Researcher and PhD Candidate at Synaeda Psycho Medisch Centrum in Leeuwarden on the topic of neuro-cardiac guided rTMS in depression and I am very enthusiastic about that.