Bring science to the patient


Hannah Meijs

Works on PhD at Research Institute Brainclinics, since October 2020

Tell us a little about yourself
I studied medicine and graduated from Maastricht University in 2015. My master thesis focused on cardiogenetic research. After my graduation, I spent a couple of orientation years working as a medical doctor in a clinical practice. Here, I discovered an interest in psychiatry and in 2018 I started as a psychiatry resident at GGNet mental healthcare.

And then you came to Brainclinics?
Well, not right away: the head of the residency program, Jurjen Luykx, gave me the opportunity to expand my horizon by arranging an external research internship at UMC Utrecht. During that year, while I studied associations between EEG patterns and the polygenic risk for psychiatric disorders, I got in touch with Martijn Arns. Under his supervision, the scope of my research project has broadened, and now focuses on the discovery of genetics inspired EEG biomarkers to predict treatment outcome.

That sounds interesting!
Yes, it is! Since September 2020, I combine my work as psychiatry resident at GGNet with my work as PhD candidate at Brainclinics in collaboration with Maastricht University, something I intended to do for a long time. This combination allows me to translate findings both ways, with the aim of stratified medicine for psychiatric patients.