Eva Dijkstra

bridging the gap between science and clinical practice

Eva Dijkstra, MsC

PhD candidate, with Brainclinics since 2021

Where did you study?
I did the master Biomedical Sciences: Neurobiology at the University of Amsterdam and I graduated in October 2017. I did my research internship into deep brain stimulation for depression, OCD and tinnitus at the AMC Psychiatry.

Is that knowledge in any way applicable to real world problems?
I’d say so! After my study I started a small practice for rTMS treatment for depression and OCD, called Neurowave. We’re located in Amsterdam and have helped numerous clients to improve their quality of life.

What makes you tick?
I am extremely interested in Neuroscience and neuromodulation techniques. I think it is the way forward if we want to apply stratified or perhaps even personalized medicine to disorders like, for instance, depression.
It follows that I also take a strong interest in brain networks involved in pathophysiology, and how to modulate these networks.

Managing a clinic sounds like a full time job!
Well, it is… and you need to be current with all developments in this field, which is why I also started as a PhD Candidate at The Brainclinics Foundation on the topic of neuro-cardiac guided rTMS in depression.

And why did you come to The Brainclinics foundation as a PhD candidate?
I’m trying to build a bridge between science and clinical practice, and that is one of the things Brainclinics is very good at. In fact… managing Neurowave and obtaining my PhD at Brainclinics is the perfect way to combine science and innovation with clinical practice.