Fascinated by the interaction between scientific research and clinical practice


Tommie Ros

Works on PhD at Research Institute Brainclinics, since December 2019

Where and what did you study?
I gained my Master degree in Cognitive neuroscience at Maastricht University. Here I came into contact with both the practical and theoretical side of EEG research. I also have research experience at the University of Lund, Sweden where I participated in the development of a preclinical model of Parkinson’s disease.

What’s your PhD about?
In short: the application of qEEG Biomarkers in depressive disorder. We are investigating the predictive value of biomarkers for the prescription of antidepressants. As part of this research, I’m validating, testing and optimizing several biomarkers. It’s really cool because these can play an important role in personalised and stratified medicine.

What is your passion in science?
My passion is scientific analysis and in particular the analysis of the physiological and anatomical roots (so to speak) of behaviour. I find the interaction between science and clinical practice very fascinating. The challenge I see within this is how to translate neuro scientific research into practical application within psychiatry (in the clinic).

What is your role at Brainclinics?
I coordinate and conduct the qEEG research at Synaeda, so being at Brainclinics is very educational. I also contribute to scientific publications.

What do you like besides Brainclinics?
I love learning foreign languages and playing classical guitar. (I actually have a conservatory degree).