Nikita van der Vinne

A strong interest in neurosciences

Nikita van der Vinne, MSc

PhD candidate and researcher, with Brainclinics since …

Where did you study?
I graduated as a clinical neuropsychologist from the University of Groningen in 2013.
During my bachelor and master studies I mainly focused on practicing neuropsychological knowledge in clinical practice, but I always enjoyed carrying out research as well. My first extended research experience came from working as a research assistant in a social psychological study in Ethiopia, after that I got acquainted with the EEG as a research method on which I wrote my master thesis.
This knowledge came in handy during my work as a neuropsychologist at Stichting Epilepsie Instellingen Nederland in Zwolle (an epilepsy institute). There, my already strong interest in neurosciences grew even more, and after that I started working as junior researcher and PhD candidate at Synaeda Psycho Medisch Centrum in Leeuwarden.

What do you do?
I currently carry out EEG research with a focus on personalized medicine under the guidance of Martijn Arns. The iSPOT-D study showed the possible value of certain QEEG biomarkers, which seem to predict treatment success with antidepressants. We hope to find these results again through a replication study and we will apply this in the treatment of depression.