Katrien van den Bergh

organizing everything

Katrien van den Bergh

Office Manager, with Brainclinics since 2022

Where did you study?
I have an MA degree in Sociology and English from the University of Basel, Switzerland. Since then I have worked in project management and administrative roles in Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands.

What do you do?
I am the Brainclinics Office Manager. Think organizing and logistics: research lunches, social get-togethers, events. Making sure the content of the website and social media are up to date. Supporting my colleagues with admin tasks. I also work for NedKAD as office coordinator. So I have plenty to do.

What is your motivation?
I have an intrinsic motivation for planning and organizing. I enjoy supporting others. I like variation in my work – one moment going into complete focus on nitty gritty details of bills, the next moment writing a social media post or answering a question from a client. Office manager is an ideal combination of these things.