Hanneke van Dijk

Fascinated by the functions of the brain

Dr. Hanneke van Dijk

Senior researcher, with Brainclinics since 2017

Where did you study?
My fascination with the functions of the brain began at MUMC in Maastricht, during my major in neuropsychology. Biological psychology and cognitive neuroscience have been the common thread throughout my work ever since. After an internship at Donders Institute in Nijmegen I continued researching the influence, but also the predictive ability of brain activity for attentional processes and perception in my PhD-Research. After that I continued my research in this vein at the Institute for Clinical Neuroscience in Düsseldorf, Germany, by working with patients suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. Out of a desire to find a more practical application of my knowledge I have also spent some time working in a neurorehabilitation clinic to research new and innovative rehabilitation therapies for patients recovering from stroke.

What is your passion?
My true passion can be found in data analysis, and that is how I intend to research how brain activity (measured by EEG) can predict recovery from symptoms after therapy. I hope to be able to use my research to create a viable option of ‘personalized medicine’ for all who need it.