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Brainclinics offers almost twenty years of experience with rTMS, neurofeedback, EEG and QEEG and we consider ourselves to be not merely up-to-date but in the forefront of developments in these fields. The scientific research by our own research institute in our own state of the art laboratory is world renowned and we can support you with our knowledge and experience in the acquisition of equipment to furnish your lab or treatment facility.

Working with Brainclinics means you will benefit from our expertise and be able to provide your clients with the best assessment and best possible treatment options.

What we can do for you

We facilitate:

  • complete lab set ups
  • hardware sales
  • software
  • instruction
  • consultancy
  • instruction
  • analysis
  • advice

Our experts can…

  • advise you on setting up your laboratory
  • help in interpreting test results
  • help you calibrate your lab equipment

Turnkey Laboratory Solutions

In scientific research, especially under laboratory conditions, consistency is key. The Brainclinics Research Institute offers almost two decades of experience in setting up and maintaining ideal test environments, ensuring that your assessments are valid, precise and correct.

Our experts understand your needs and will work with you to ensure your lab set up is ideally suited to your circumstances.

Custom rTMS chair

This chair is specially designed and customized by Brainclinics for the treatment of clients with rTMS.
We asked our clients about their comfort or discomfort during treatment and applied their feedback to the ergonomic design of the chair and especially the neck support. During the prototyping phase we tested many different forms before choosing the perfect design.

It comes in many colors and is versatile, easily adjustable and very comfortable for the client. It has a custom adjustable neck support so you can easily fix the head and position the coil at different places on the head.
Arm rests and swivel wheels available as an option.
Please contact us for pricing and shipping.
Note: colors on product photos are an approximation and not an exact match.

rTMS equipment: MagStim Rapid2 and Deymed DuoMag

In our practice, we have been carrying out  rTMS in the treatment of depression for a long time now. There are two devices that we work with. Below the two types of devices are described. If you are interested to apply rTMS in your own practice, please contact us for advice, a rTMS course  or a quotation for the following equipment. Both systems are medical CE approved.

What is rTMS?

rTMS stands for Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation or repetitive magnetic brain stimulation. When applying rTMS, a coil is put at a particular location on the head. In this coil a strong magnetic field is generated. This field is then converted into pulses which exit the device through the coil. The pulses can easily penetrate through the skull and reach the brains. These pulses can, because they are strongly magnetic,  stimulate certain sections of the brain and can reinforce communication in certain functional networks. rTMS is for example used in the treatment of depressive symptoms. For more literature about rTMS, click here. You can find more information about rTMS in practice here.

To be able to carry out rTMS, rTMS equipment is necessary. Currently we offer two in our product catalog, the Deymed DuoMag rTMS stimulator and the MagStim Rapid2. We use both in our own practice.

More information?

If you have further questions, you want more information or a quotation for equipment, please contact us. We also provide training for the use of rTMS. See our course calendar for dates and locations.

Deymed DuoMag XT rTMS equipment

This equipment has been developed recently and thus based on the latest technical insights.

The DuoMag rTMS equipment can be used for different rTMS treatment protocols and for scientific research. Depending on what you need, there are 3 different models. Below are the specifications of these different models. In general, these are all rTMS devices with a bi-phasic pulse, wherein the number behind XT indicates the maximum frequency in Hz in 50% of the stimulator output. You can download the brochure here.

Product specsDuoMAg XT10DuoMAg XT40DuoMAg XT100
Pulse modusBi-phasic, repetitiveBi-phasic, repetitiveBi-phasic, repetitive, burst
Weight without trolly and coil15kg15kg16kg
Stimulation intensity 100%5Hz12Hz15Hz
Stimulation intensity  50% *10Hz40Hz80Hz
Max. repetitive rate10Hz40Hz100Hz
Min. interstimulus interval in trainmodus1ms1ms11ms
Pulse width320us320us320us
Coil compatibilityDeymed coilsDeymed coilsDeymed coils
Voltage100-240Vac 50/60Hz100-240Vac 50/60Hz100-240Vac 50/60Hz
SynchronisationTTL in/uit and/or USBTTL in/uit and/or USBTTL in/uit and/or USB
CommunicationUSB full control on coilUSB full control on coilUSB full control on coil

* The motor threshold (MT), which is found on 47% stimulation intensity on all of the devices for the largest part of the population (> 90%)

Further functionality:

Equipped with special air-cooled 8-shaped coil for daily use (other coils such as a double-cone coil also available separately)
Easily moveable and manageable and fix flushing arm
Touch-screen interface and user friendly software based on Windows
Stimulation intensity and start-stop can be set on the coil for ease of use
Is installed on a Deymed trolley with wheels so it is easy to move from room to room or within a room

More information?

If you have further questions, you want more information or a quotation for equipment, please contact us. We also provide training for the use of rTMS. In our course calendar you can find when it takes place.

MagStim Rapid2 rTMS stimulator with AirFilm coil

The Magstim Rapid ² is a repetitive stimulator with high frequency capabilities and can also be used for single-pulse protocols. This equipment is suitable for therapeutic purposes and for research purposes, and is currently the most commonly used equipment in research. You can download a product brochure of the Magstim Rapid2 here.

Product specsMagstim Rapid

(single PSU)

Magstim Rapid2

(dual PSU)

Pulse modusBi-phasic, repetitiveBi-phasic, repetitive
Stimulation intensity  100%15Hz41Hz
Stimulation intensity 50%30Hz97Hz
Max. repetitive rate50Hz100Hz
Min. interstimulus intervalN/AN/A
Pulse width320us320us
Coil compatibilityMagstim coilsMagstim coils
Main voltage1,67kv1,67kv
SynchronisationTTL in/outTTL in/out

More information?

If you have further questions, you want more information or a quotation for equipment, please contact us. We also provide training for the use of rTMS. In our course calendar you can find when it takes place.

Neuropsychological tests: IntegNeuro

IntegNeuro ™ is a user friendly, fully computerized neuropsychological test battery. IntegNeuro provides an individual cognitive performance profile. The obtained data are compared with the International Brain Database of Brain Resource Company currently dates contains more than 20,000 people. This neuropsychological test battery is available in Dutch, English, Spanish and Hebrew.

An intuitive touch screen monitor is combined with simple task instructions, which allows these neuropsychological tests to assess people aged 6-96 years. Full automation ensures a reliable and replicable test results and clear reporting. The validity and reliability of these tests is assessed as well and published in an international scientific journal.

IntegNeuro ™ is ideal for obtaining an individual cognitive profile for a wide range of applications (see also the BRC IntegNeuro product brochure for more details, or the sample reports below), including neuropsychological assessment, evaluation of the effectiveness of (pharmacological) treatment, memory clinics (memory clinics), follow-up of geriatric patients, diagnosis of Alzheimer’s dementia, etc.

Cognition reflects ‘real world’ features such as sensory-motor, memory, attention, language and planning capacities. The IBM touchscreen provides a comprehensive analysis because any contact with the screen will be captured and becomes important additional information about the performance of the client in the response times and variability of responses, above the old paper-and-pencil tests. As a result, IntegNeuro is able to the pick up subtle cognitive problems and / or differences by the use of the touchscreen.

In addition, the tests run automaticly and this provides a standardized reporting of test results. In total, the test battery consists of 13 sub-tests which in total takes about 60 minutes.

Motor tapping
The subject is required to tap in a circle with the index finger of each hand, as fast as possible.
Reflects: Hand-eye coordination and fine movement speed (manual dexterity).

Choice reaction-time
One of four circles lights up and the subject has to tap the lit circle as quickly as possible.
Reflects: Reaction time to stimulus, vigliance.

A circle lights up for 1 to 12 seconds, subsequently the subject is required to indicate the correct duration.
Reflects: Ability to accurately estimate time

Span of Visual Memory | Corsi Blocks
The subject is required to press a series of squares on the screen in the order in which they previously lit up.
Reflects: Spatial working memory capacity.

Only available in English
Spot The Real Word
A real word is presented simultaneously with a nonsense word. Select the real word.
Reflects: Language comprehension and estimation of premorbid Intelligence Quotient.

Digit span
The subject is presented with a sequence of digits and has to repeat them in either forward or backward order.
Reflects: Numerical working memory capacity.

Memory Recall and Recognition
The subject has to recall a set of words after various time intervals and later recognise the words from a list of repeated and new words.
Reflects: Ability for new auditory-verbal learning, recall and recognition.

Verbal Interference
The subject is required to name the colour a word is written in, and not read the actual word.
Reflects: Ability to suppress unwanted, well-learned automatic responses.

Word Generation
The subject is required to say as many words as possible (in 1 min.) which start with a given letter.
Reflects: Verbal fluency.

Switching of Attention | Trailmaking A + B
Numbers and letters are connected in various sequences.
Reflects: Ability to shift the course of ongoing mental activity, attention.

IntegNeuroTM is the Psychometrics test battery, added with these 4 tests below

Emotional recall and recognition
A series of facial expressions displaying different emotions is presented. The subject is required to process and rate the emotions.
Reflects: Emotion recognition.

Visual working memory
A series of letters is presented on the screen one by one. The subject is required to press a response button if the same letter appears twice in a row, and at no other time.
Reflects: Sustained attention and working memory.

Executive maze
A dot-based maze is presented on the screen. Using a button box, the subject is required to find (by trial and error) a hidden path through the maze.
Reflects: Planning, error correction, visuo-spatial learning and memory.

Go–No Go
The colour of the word ‘PRESS’ is presented randomly in either red or green. The subject is required to press the response button only when one sees the word ‘PRESS’ in green but not in red.
Reflects: Capacity for suppressing well learned, automatic responses.

Extra information:

  • Malingering test is withheld and will be assessed random within the test battery
  • “Spot the real word” and “Word Fluency”  are tests that are only available in English

Price informaton:

The price of the Integneuro touchscreen is 1.600 euro (incl headphone, bracket, manual and software). When using it, you pay a fixed amount per report.

For furher information and availability of IntegNeuro please contact us.
Ask for special rates IntegNeuro for scientific research!


Download information and sample reports (you will be directed to a page featuring the requested file):

Standard report IntegNeuro

IntegNeuro demonstration: download, unzip and run IntegNeuro_demo.exe

For an interesting overview of all the correlations between these tests and neurophysiological variables such as QEEG (quantitative EEG), HRV, etc. MRI based on the International Brain Database download

For an extended user manual including detailed information about the tests and literature download this file (14MB).

Explanation of Tests