How do I order neurosupplies?

How do I order neurosupplies?

1. Set up your account

It is advisable to set up your account first, as it will save you a lot of time next time you log in to request a quote or place an order.
Account setup only takes a few minutes:

  1. go to login, fill in your email address and create a password.
  2. fill in your name, address and telephone number for billing and shipping.
  3. check details
  4. done!

2. request a quote or place an order

You can find a list of available products on the neurosupplies page.

    1. log in
    2. select items from the list (Just click “add to list” for the products you want and click the orange “View list button” when you’re done).
    3. The “View list” button takes you to the following screen:

  1. You can fill in or edit your shipping/billing address (step 1. “Please enter and check your address details before proceeding”, marked in red) or…
  2. you can skip this step to view your list immediately (step 2. “View list and send your quote request or order”, also marked in red). Just tick the box where it says “I have entered and checked my shipping/billing addresses”.

Now you can view your list. It will look like this:

  • You can remove items from the list: click the red “x” to the left of the item you’d like to remove, or
  • change the quantity: use the up/down arrows in the quantity column.

Click the “Update list” button to view your new total.
You can also add new items to the list by clicking the “Return to shop” button.

Before you can send your order you can tell us if you would like to receive a quote first, or would like to place an order immediately, by selecting your preferred option.
If you are ready just click the “Send” button below your address details. If all fields are filled in you will be redirected to this page:

The filled in form is then sent to us, and you will receive a confirmation automatically.
The two most common problems:

  • When you’re not redirected to the “Thank you page” you probably forgot to fill in one or more fields in the request quote/place an order form.
    Solution: Just repair that omission and click the “Send” button again.
  • You were redirected to the “Thank you page”, but you didn’t receive a confirmation email.
    Solution: perhaps our confirmation mail landed in your spam or junkmail box. If that isn’t the case, or if you’ve encountered another problem, just mail us and we’ll help you sort it out.