How do I download a book?

[WP-Coder id="1"] Select the book you would like to download From the bookstore's frontpage select the "download now" button, or click on the "detail" link and click "download now" from there. Your download will start immediately, and you will find your completed download as a zip file in your browser's download folder. Just extract it and read! Note: all our downloadable books are free of charge.

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What will happen when I request a quote or place an order?

You will receive a confirmation email immediately, and we will start processing your request. We generally follow up on your email within 48 hours. If you requested a quote: We'll calculate shipping costs and taxation, if applicable, and send you the updated quote. You can then reply to confirm and place an order. If you place an order: You will receive an detailed invoice with payment details, and we will send you the articles after receiving payment.

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How do I order neurosupplies?

[WP-Coder id="1"] 1. Set up your account It is advisable to set up your account first, as it will save you a lot of time next time you log in to request a quote or place an order. Account setup only takes a few minutes: go to login, fill in your email address and create a password. fill in your name, address and telephone number for billing and shipping. check details done! 2. request a quote or place an order You can find a list of available products on the neurosupplies page. log in select items from the list (Just...

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