We made a cool animation about Neuro-Cardiac Guided TMS (NCG-TMS), a technique to specifically target the Frontal Vagal Pathway in Depression.
For more backgrounds also see: https://brainclinics.com/neuro-cardiac-guided-tms/

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The second keynote lecture of our TMS course will be held by Martijn Arns, chief scientific advisor and research director of @Brainclinics! He will be talking about optimization and prediction of rTMS treatment response!
More information & registration: https://tmscourses.nl/

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4 years of data, 10 countries, 000s of kids: Living in states with greater sunshine -#solarintensity - may protect against the development of #ADHD: The Sunny Perspective https://j.mp/3n0GdQU #circadian #bluelight #geography

"Excessive artificial light could be an adjunctive environmental risk factor for Parkinson’s disease" https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32142863/ @DrISubramanian @basbloem @MichaelOkun @PdAvengers @endingpdbook

Is your child getting enough sleep? And at the right time? See here our updated sleep guideline for all ages, including bed-times.
Also includes sleep questionnaires and sleep-wake diary for clinicians.

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We just released Episode 4 of Pioneers of the EEG: Vladimir Pravdich Neminsky https://youtu.be/CwgfB3JMTrc

Nice material to spice-up your online teaching materials?

2 years ago today had an amazing interview with ⁦@Brainclinics⁩ about advances in neurostimulation with a focus on rTMS. I had just arrived from China and martijn was on his way to Holland. Booked a room at the airport for the interview 😁 interview https://psychscenehub.com/video/clinical-indications-repetitive-transcranial-magnetic-stimulation-rtms-dr-martijn-arns/

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Note: Single registration for both 4th EU Brain Stimulation conference AND 7th International Conference on Non-invasive Brain Stimulation (Baden-Baden meeting), still 50 euro until end of September.
Also see: https://www.nibs-conference.de/index.php?id=29089
@ClinicalNeuroph @ClinicalTMS

Join us for EU Brain Stimulation conference on Friday November 13th: Bridging the gap from theory to practice.
Great line-up of keynotes and speakers such as Dennis Schutter, Antonio Mantovani, Linda Carpenter, Jonathan Downar, @amarquand and Amit Etkin.


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