[Public comment: A questionnaire to collect unintended effects of TMS] Dear All, we welcome public comment that will help in finalizing the manuscript.

Please send your comments to '' by Nov 6. The final version will be published afterward.

IPEG Virtual Meeting 27th-29th October: TWO DAYS LEFT TO SUBMIT YOUR ABSTRACT
and automatically apply for the W.HERRMANN Grant (750 - 500 - 250€):
Preliminary Program:

Hot off the press, Investigating #EEG BIOMARKERS OF CLINICAL RESPONSE TO LF #rTMS in #depression

Dear colleagues: we have several postdoctoral openings in my lab for several new multi-modal imaging studies focused on depression and anhedonia. Details at Women and minorities underrepresented in neuroscience/medicine are encouraged to apply. Please RT

Today we are glad to share that a new project for our client Brainclinics Foundation has started!🤝The project is aimed at creating an environment, where the data acquisition, processing, and result visualization are streamlined into one environment. #digitalbiomarkers #Orikami

Just published: Evaluation of the URGOnight Tele-neurofeedback Device: An Open-label Feasibility Study with Follow-up
Effects of a home based SMR Neurofeedback device on sleep problems, with specific effect for learners.


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Evaluation of the URGOnight Tele-neurofeedback...

Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback - SMR neurofeedback shows potential as a therapeutic tool for reducing sleep ...

Those with obstructive sleep apnea who were treated with PAP had lower rates of Alzheimer's dementia, with the most adherent having the lowest dementia rates (Dunietz 2021). #OSA

Getting bright light in the day is as important as avoiding light at night. We looked at outdoor light exposure in >400,000 people - more light: better mood, less risk of depression, lower antidepressant use, better sleep. Get those free photons! 🌞

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