Wake up! Het belang van slaapdiagnostiek in de GGZ - #eLearning (1 PE punt) door o.a. Martijn Arns van @Brainclinics . Lees hier de korte samenvatting: http://bit.ly/304q1BN

Today Brainclinics Foundation signed a collaborative agreement with @SynaedaPMC to further develop personalized care in depression through applied neuroscience!

Just published: EEG Characteristics of Suicidal Behavior in Female Patients With Major Depressive Disorder
A potential biomarker to predict suicide risk?

This #map might do your head in. Difference between solar and standard time. Source: https://www.reddit.com/r/MapPorn/comments/9kbbwb/how_much_time_is_wrong_around_the_world/?st=JMQ0IN2A&sh=39917a9d

Wie komt ons onderzoeksteam versterken?
Vacature: Research Assistant/PhD Candidate QEEG Biomarker onderzoek bij depressie (24-32 uur p/week) in samenwerking met Synaeda.
Sluitingsdatum 11 november.

Just published: Cardiovascular effects of iTBS; further validation of NCG-TMS. Prefrontal iTBS resulted in trans-synaptic activation of parasympathetic branch, lower HR, increased HRV and lower BP!
Thanks @NinetLab for great collaboration!

Could #biomarkers help predict acute #suicide risk? This #EEG study investigated whether #MDD patients with suicidal attempts or ideation have unique spatial-frequency power characteristics. http://bit.ly/2JxNCVE @ugent @TUeindhoven @Brainclinics @UniUtrecht @neuroCareGroup

This week we changed our legal status of Research Institute Brainclinics to the non-profit Brainclinics Foundation (Stichting). Read here more about what we do, what we stand for and an infographic capturing 18 years Brainclinics in some key data.

Everything you always wanted to know about the heart-brain axis, depression and neuro-cardiac-guided rTMS
Download Tabitha Iseger's PhD thesis here

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