[Virtual meeting on Nov 10-14, 2020] Register by October 1st to benefit from the early-bird booking rates. The 7th International Conference on Non-Invasive Brain Stimulation (NIBS) and the 4th European Conference of Brain Stimulation in Psychiatry.

Link: https://www.dgkn-kongress2020.de/en/registrierung-abstracts/anmeldung/

See our new episode of the series 'Pioneers of the EEG'.
Episode 2: Richard Caton: The first ever EEG.
All episodes and open-acces license can be found here:

Episode 2: Richard Caton https://youtu.be/RgeG36PXOhU

Pioneers of the EEG - Brainclinics


with speaker Martijn Arns, QEEG-D, BCN. Register today https://bit.ly/2XrDRzc. #CTMSS #GOTTMS #RCPsych #BJPsych #JOINUS #Depression #NAMI #APA #MayoClinicConnect #StanfordMed20 #UCSF

Now available on-demand! If you missed the live webinar registration, you can still catch the last installment of the Grand Round Webinar Series: “Neuro-Cardiac-Guided TMS (NCG-TMS) to Target the Depression Network: Possibilities for rTMS Treatment Stratification?”

Just published: Multicenter effectiveness trial on QEEG-informed neurofeedback in 136 ADHD patients, 57% remission and slow alpha frequency associated with remission.
Great work by @Noralie_Krepel

I'm pleased to share our first peer-reviewed episode of the series 'Pioneers of the EEG'
More episodes and other topics (e.g. rTMS) to be released soon...
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