DSM mental disorders are constructs, not diseases. Descriptive, not explanatory.
Helpful in communication/treatment planning.
But no claims re causality/homogeneity/clear boundaries.
Clinically useful when used skeptically.

We wrote all this in DSM-IV Intro- but no one read it.

Justin Garson @justin_garson

It seems to me there's a conceptual puzzle with psychiatric diagnosis, and I’m earnestly seeking illumination, not a fight. On the one hand, I take it that in a normal clinical context, a diagnosis is meant to be explanatory. 1/6

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Just published, improved attention and executive function after SMR neurofeedback in an insomnia population: Suggests transdiagnostic cognitive effects of SMR neurofeedback.

Congrats @YlkaKolken with your first publication!

Mooie bijdrage van onze PhD Hannah Meijs over haar onderzoek naar EEG-netwerken geïdentificeerd aan de hand van genetische risico scores bij depressie en voorspelt response op antidepressiva, psychotherapie en rTMS bij mannen

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EEG-component voorspelt behandeluitkomst voor depressie - NedKAD

Interessante ontdekking! Een bepaald EEG-component voorspelt bij mannen behandeluitkomst voor depressie. Hannah Meijs vertelt er meer over...

Glad to see this published: Vasovagal syncope as a specific side effect of DLPFC-rTMS: A frontal-vagal dose-finding study
Using our new heart-brain coupling method...

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