Madelon Vollebregt graduated at the Radboud University Nijmegen as Neuropsychologist and Cognitive Neuroscientist. In both fields, she gained a Master degree (in 2010 and 2012 respectively). In her subsequent PhD-trajectory at the Donders Institute, in cooperation with Karakter child- and adolescent psychiatry, she focused on the development of potential new treatment methods for children with ADHD. Among other things, she investigated the efficacy of EEG-neurofeedback treatment in children with ADHD in a blinded placebo-controlled manner. Furthermore, she investigated ‘alpha’ brainwaves during attentional task performance. Its results opened up doors towards the development of innovative treatments for children with ADHD. In 2016 she received her PhD.

From January 2016 onwards, Madelon works as a senior researcher at Research Institute Brainclinics. She is also still affiliated to the Donders Institute. In the near future, Madelon will mainly focus on the investigation of ‘personalized medicine’ in ADHD.

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