Bochao Lin

understanding genetics inspired EEG biomarkers to predict treatment outcome.

Bochao Lin, PhD

Postdoc, with Brainclinics since 2021

Tell us a little about yourself?
I received my PhD degree subjected in human genetics from VU Universiteit Amsterdam in 2017. Then I did research on genetic study of psychiatric disorders at UMC Utrecht as a post-doc student.

So what are you interested in?
I am a driven and enthusiastic geneticist with a keen interest in manipulating and analyzing large-scale genetic data: Genome-wide Association Studies, Genome-wide Epigenetic studies, and Next Generation Sequence data. These genetic studies aimed at exploring genetic etiology of psychiatric and neurological disorders, which revolves around genetic overlap between risk factors with diseases, side effects/drug response for antipsychotics, targeting brian cells using single cell RNA sequencing data.

What’s your focus at the Brainclinics Foundation?
I currently focus on genetic studies of a wide range of psychiatric disorders: for example, to identify genetic variants associated with agranulocytosis for clozapine users; target brain cell types in eating disorders; explore new genetic mechanisms in autism; and genetic risk factors studies for schizophrenia, major depressive disorder and patients with electroconvulsive therapy (using genetic approaches such as polygenetic risk score and mendelian randomization).

I currently transfer my interests into the associations between EEG patterns and the polygenic risk for psychiatric disorders and discover the genetics inspired EEG biomarkers to predict treatment outcome.